Ceramic Coatings (Modesta)

Ceramic Coatings


Modesta Ceramic Coating is a SIO2 (Silica) based system that acts as a strong protective membrane over your paint and clear bra protective surfaces. This technology is more chemically resistant than waxes or sealants. This translates to less opportunity for bird droppings etching paint and bug marks staining paint. Being chemically resistant means influences of the elements are less prone to cause damage to your paint.

The Modesta Ceramic coating provides a clear, durable, hard glass layer which produces a candy like gloss finish. It’s water repellent properties provide the owner with a hydrophobic surface that is easier to maintain. Modesta Glass paint coatings last up to 10 years with proper care.

We are the only authorized installer of Modesta Ceramic Coating in Charlotte and North Carolina

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Paint Protection of Charlotte is Modesta’s exclusive installer in the state of North Carolina.

BC-08 starting at $995

BC-04/BC-05 starting at $1595

PD Private Label Coating starting at $2595

Wheels and Calipers protected with Modesta Glass Coating are easier to keep clean and offer needed protection against brake dust and corrosion.  Modesta BC-06 high temp resistant coating will keep your wheels cleaner longer but, more importantly, easier to maintain.

BC-06 faces starting at $300

Barrells and faces starting at $495

Modesta Leather Protection LPS-01 and LPS-02 is a two part protection system for leather surfaces. This system offers both chemical stain resistance and abrasion resistance for sensitive areas. With Modesta’s Leather Protection system, your seats will not only be protected, they will be easier to clean and less prone to staining.

Modesta Leather Protection LPS-01 and LPS-02 Starting at $595

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