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The Iconic Ferrari F50 prepped for the Cavallino Classic

Ferrari F50 Ceramic Coated with Modesta PD Private Label

Earlier on in the year we packed our tools and headed west. A long time clients of mine contacted me about his Ferrari F50. This was the latest car in his collection and he was going to enter the car in the Cavallino Classic. Anybody in the Ferrari world knows the history and significance of the Cavallino Classic. The goal was to win Platinum in the judging and whatever else came would be a bonus.  With the experience we have gained over the years from prepping cars for shows we knew exactly what we needed to do and the level of detail needed.  This short video gives a brief overview of what we did to the car. After we had carefully polished the paint Modesta Ceramic Coatings were used to put the cherry on the top. Modesta PD Private Label the pinnacle of Ceramic Coatings. This two part coating created a hard shell base and topped with a super hydrophobic top coat to create dripping wet paint.  Please take a few minutes to watch the video. All the hard work paid off prepping this car. At the Cavallino Classic this Ferrari F50 won Platinum and Best Supercar. Enjoy

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