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Best Paint Correction Charlotte NC Service

Paint Correction

Paint Correction in Charlotte NC

Best Paint Correction Charlotte Service

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections from the paint’s finish. These imperfections can vary from swirl marks, paint marring, fine scratches, water spots and bird dropping etchings. Depending on the severity of the defects, our paint correction process can eliminate these issues and restore the finish. With all of our paint correction services, a consultation is needed to determine a course of action.

1 Step Refinement starting at $350

2 Step Correction starting at $600

3 Step Correction starting at $995

Professional Paint Correction Services in Charlotte NC

The first time you saw your car, one of the first things that caught your eye was the paint job. It was shiny and smooth. Sadly with time and age, damage to your paint job happens and it ends up not looking as polished and pristine as it once did. That is where Paint Protection of Charlotte and our paint correction process comes in to restore your paint to its former glory.

What is paint correction?

As cars age, many things can happen to your paint job. Road grime, bugs, people brushing against it, and auto car washes are just a few things that can cause damage. Paint swirls and scratches dull the shine of your car. Improper washing and buffing can also cause damage to your paint, lessening the value of your car. Paint correction removes or reduces these slight blemishes in the top layer of paint and restores the gloss and shine to your paint job and helps restore your car to its former glory.

What happens during a paint correction?

In a nutshell, during paint correction, a microscopic layer of the top coat is removed to remove or reduce blemishes to the paint. Before any paint correction processes begin, your car is thoroughly washed to remove any dirt and debris that may still be on the paint. Once dry a special claybar is used to cover the paint to remove any surface contaminants that could become dislodged during buffing and become caught in the buffing pads. This clay also makes the paint surface more smooth and allows for an easier time for the buffing process. A variety of different cleansers and polishes are put on the cars paint, all depending on the type and thickness of your pant. Special buffing pads are placed on rotary or dual action polishers to help buff away those paint blemishes. Some scratches may end up being too deep to fully remove. When that happens we do our best to reduce them and make them less visible.

Why choose Paint Protection of Charlotte

We offer the highest quality work and while new scratches will show up on your paint after time, we give our clients the best advice on how to limit those scratches and how to better protect their cars. Because of our variety of paint protection services, we do ask that you schedule a consultation to evaluate the condition of your paint job so that we can advise you on the best course of action. We want to help you make your car as beautiful today as it was the day you got it. To know more about our services such as; window tint and ceramic coating. Contact us now for more information!

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