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Paint Protection Film

Professional Level Paint Protection Film installs in Charlotte NC

What is Paint Protection Film?

The Ultimate Protection for Your Paint

Paint Protection Film, also referred to as Clear Bra, is an essential investment that offers ultimate protection, keeping your vehicle’s paint looking it’s best. Paint Protection Film is a clear, polyurethane film that is applied to the vehicles impact areas providing ultimate protection from rock trips, road debris, harmful contamination, bug etching and other environmental elements. Paint Protection of Charlotte’s tailored installs provide the ultimate ‘clear’ protection.

PPF Charlotte
The Ultimate Protection for Your Paint

Paint protection film Charlotte is a essential element in keeping your car’s paint looking like new. Nothing is more horrifying as driving and having a rock fly up and damage your beautiful paint job. With growing technology we can now help protect your car from damages caused by rock chips, road debris, bug etching, and other environmental elements.

Commonly known as Clear Bra, paint protection film is a polyurethane-based film that is applied to the top of your car’s paint job. Due to the protection film’s chemical makeup, it is resistant to corrosion and will protect your paint from chemical reactions that can cause your paint to blister, like bird droppings and acid rain. It also protects the paint from harmful UV rays and protects your paint from fading. Light scratches happen and when they do, the protection film will absorb the damage and will “self-heal”, leaving your car looking brand new and showing no damage.

What is the technology behind paint protection film?

The urethane found in Clear Bra has properties that make it similar to plastic in that it is lightweight and transparent. However, unlike plastic it doesn’t get brittle so it is not susceptible to cracks and tears. It is incredibly flexible and will return to its original shape after being stretched. With high resistance to corrosion, impact, and abrasion, paint protection film is the best product for protecting your car’s valuable paint job.

The acrylic adhesive used to install the film is designed to be flexible, allowing the film to be stretched and molded to every inch or the car snuggly. The adhesive will keep the film from detaching from the car as time passes and allows the film to go on virtually invisible.

Why Paint Protection of Charlotte for your paint protection needs?

Paint Protection of Charlotte is a leader in the installation of paint protection film. With several different wrapping options, we provide tailor installations to provide the best protection possible for your car. Our expert installers provide nearly invisible installations and we care about the look of your paint job. We offer owners the best knowledge to help them maintain their cars in the years to come. We pride ourselves on our level of expertise and our commitment to making sure our clients are protected and satisfied.

Front End:

Our Basic Paint Protection package is the simplest to install and this package is effective in protecting the front end of your car. It is our most minimal package and does leave a “line” across the hood where the film ends, which is something most car owners want to avoid. We recommend upgrading to our Full Frontal kit or add our full hood coverage to our Basic Protection Package for maximum coverage and minimum film visibility. If you are looking for more protection, you may want to consider a different paint protection package.

Full Front End:

Our Full Front End Package is our second most minimal package but does include the full hood covering that is not in our Basic Package. This eliminates any “line” showing up on your hood. Our Full Front End Package also covers the fenders to help maximize the protection of the front end of your car’s paint job.

Track Package:

This is our most popular and most requested package. It includes all of the protection of our Basic package and it elevates the look of “the line” on your car. This package does not include any additional protection pieces such as sills, trim, lips, or other areas you may be concerned about. To really maximize the protection of your car, we recommend our Full Body Package, or you can contact us to discuss adding your areas of concern to any package.

Full Body Wrap:

This is our most comprehensive pain protection package available. It does offer total exterior coverage but it does not offer any internal protection, such as on sills or other locations of that nature. To fully maximize your protection, please contact us to discuss any areas you would like to add protection to your car that is not included in our Full Body Package. We are happy to advise you on the best options for your paint protection needs and offer the best paint protection solutions, including surface coating options.

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