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Paint Protection of Charlotte offers SunTek window tint Charlotte installation services to help protect you and your vehicle from harmful UV radiation. SunTek window tint Charlotte is a high-performance, multi-layered film containing optical grade dyes that block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, without sacrificing clarity or color. Our experienced technicians can install the highest quality SunTek window tinting in a variety of shades and colors to match your vehicle’s appearance.

With our precision installation techniques, Paint Protection of Charlotte can help make sure your vehicle is looking its best with the highest quality window tinting available. Contact us today to learn more about our SunTek window tint Charlotte installation services.

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Why Get Window Tint in Charlotte NC?

Suntek window tint is an excellent choice for your vehicle, as it offers superior protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Not only does it provide protection and comfort, but also looks great with a variety of shades and colors to choose from. SunTek’s advanced technology provides increased heat rejection while allowing most natural light in the vehicle, which can help reduce glare and eyestrain. It also has a scratch-resistant coating to protect the tint film, ensuring it will remain looking great for years to come.

Benefits of SunTek Window Tint:

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Recommended Window Tint Film By The Skin Cancer Foundation

Suntek window tinting film is a reliable choice for protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation. SunTek’s window tinting technology utilizes advanced heat-rejecting materials, ceramic micro particles and a unique low-glare finish to provide superior protection from the sun. The Skin Cancer Foundation has recommended Suntek as an effective means of defense against the sun’s UV rays.

Suntek window tint is designed to reduce incoming heat and brightness, helping keep your car cool as well as providing maximum protection for you and your passengers. With Suntek‘s comprehensive selection of window tinting products, you can rest assured that your family is safe from the risks associated with prolonged sun exposure. So if you are looking for a reliable and effective way to keep your car and its occupants safe, Suntek window tint is an excellent choice.

Recommended Skin Cancer Foundation Paint Protection of Charlotte

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