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David Purser

Founder of Paint Protection of Charlotte

My passion for automobiles started when I was a young boy in England, watching my father build cars. I would sit in the corner of the garage, watching my dad work. I remember my dad’s meticulous approach to his work, his attention to detail, and relentless commitment to perfection. I studied his diligence and ultimately it rubbed off on me. When I moved to the United States to further my education and play professional soccer, I was exposed to another level of car enthusiasts. Once I finished my education, I knew I wanted to take my passion and level of detail for cars to a professional level. I started Unique Kar Kare in 2010 in Johnson City, TN with a small loan from my parents. The early business focused on detailing and paint correction. In the early years, I learned on the job and self taught my way to a standard I was very proud of. As I was growing my business over the years, I wanted to take it a whole new level, to be the expert and raise the bar. I constantly researched new products and services, networked with experts and attended training courses, which ultimately contributed to my reputation as one of the best in the industry. I added services such as Paint Protection Film, Vinyl Wraps, and Ceramic Coatings. I wanted to be able to offer industry-leading service and a level of quality to my clients that they had not experienced before.

About Us Paint Protection of Charlotte

The perfectionist in me always made me strive for more. I am always pushing myself to produce the best quality and service by using the best equipment and the best products. Over the past 6 years, I grew Unique Kar Kare from being a one-man mobile service to a 5,000 sq ft shop, with employees and clients who sought after my services. The past 6 years have taught me so much and given me the skills that I have today. My wife, son, and I were very excited to move to Charlotte and open Paint Protection of Charlotte. I will hold myself accountable to the same level of perfection and service which helped me grow my reputation. My goal for PPC is to provide a solution to every client’s needs. I not only provide these services, but I also provide expert advice on the services that best suit their needs and offer them the knowledge to maintain their car for years to come.

Paint Protection of Charlotte offers the most advanced Paint Protection Film installs and exclusive, superior ceramic coatings in the region. I am excited to continue my relationship with Modesta Glass Coatings which makes Paint Protection of Charlotte the only certified Modesta installer in Charlotte and North Carolina.

I want potential clients to understand that I treat every car like my own and share your passion for preserving and maintaining your car. This is not just a service I provide, it is an automotive experience from start to finish. Industry-leading products, the complete service experience and our passion for cars is what separates us from the competition.

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