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Not all Paint Protection Film installs are the same. Here’s why.

Not all Paint Protection Film installs are the same

Lets talk Paint Protection Film in Charlotte NC. You just bought your dream car or even just a new daily driver and you want to keep it looking like the day you drove it from the dealership. This is where Paint Protection Film (clear bra) comes in. PPF is not something new its been around for years. With the film on the market today it is nothing like the first generation of film. The films today have little to no texture, self healing top coats, hydrophobic top coats and excellent gloss. When asked with the question about what film is the best on the market I always answer with, “you will never get the same answer from installer to installer, it all comes down to the preference of who’s installing the film”. Unfortunately not all installers are the same. As film becomes more popular we see more and more installers appearing. This can be detrimental to the industry because with unqualified installers setting up shop and providing sub par installs it can put a bad taste in the customers mouth that all installs are the same .

As someone that has been installing Paint Protection Film for 5 years now I am always looking at ways to improve my installs and give the customer a better product. My film of choice is Suntek Ultra. Backed with a 10 year warranty, self healing top coat and a hydrophobic coating it is the most consistent film I have used.  When most installers apply PPF they use templates that are cut specifically for that car. The downside to this is there are always exposed edges which can be chipped. When we install our film with use advanced techniques to bulk the film on the panel. We tuck all edges where possible to create a seamless, most invisible install. If you have had ppf installed on your car before and noticed the film doesn’t wrap around an edge or you have seams that collect dirt, you know it doesn’t looks good.

To give you a better idea on how we install film below is a Bentley Continental which if the installer using templates will have relief cuts in the fender and front grill. With our install we eliminate those reliefs giving a one piece install.

paint protection film charlotte nc paint protection film charlotte

paint protection film   paint protection charlotte nc

The end result is an install that is protecting 100% of the paint and without even seeing the film on the car. When looking to protect your car it is important to ask questions and do the research to ensure you get the best possible install.

For more information on the options for our installs head over to our PPF page



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